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— Self initiated film festival.


Plokta is a homegrown film festival that explores technology and society through the lens of film.

Year: 2019 - NOW
Field: film, art, design

Together with:
AFK, Stimuleringsfonds (subsidy).
INC. LIMA  (partners) / Instagram


How are we connected through technologies? What part do they play in our mental lives? Our surroundings? Our societies? Plokta approaches these questions through the lens of film, engaging contemporary and timeless technological debates – with moving images that seek to unravel ‘The Hidden Life of Technology’

With this central theme, we built a film festival from the ground up. Through careful research and close collaboration with a core team of designers, filmmakers and copywriters, a strong profile came together. From popcorn movies to documentary and video art, Plokta found the missing links between the weird appeal of microwaves, technologically entrenched inequalities and online identity, and Robocop. Altogether, we connected these dots to organise a coherent, exciting event built around precise thematic curation, partnerships with artistic and research organisations, and a playful, engaging tone. And like the appliances excavated in our films, we opened up these debates to a wider audience.

When Plokta’s planned in-theater debut was sadly postponed by the pandemic, we were quick to translate the momentum into a new format: PloktaTV, “a streaming event for those exhausted by streaming”. Although much of the original program could not be aired in this format, PloktaTV benefited from the film festival’s existing partnerships and network, quickly becoming a clearly defined project in its own right, with format and tone of voice to match the throwback parochialism of lockdown.

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