— DutchCulture, Brakke Grond.


How do you bridge the gap between artists in two different countries? With OverBruggen, we showed the way.

Year: 2020
Client: DutchCulture; Brakke Grond; OCW; Het Departement Cultuur, Jeugd en Media. 
Field: government, culture

Together with:
Jim Haakman (code).
Linda Beumer (design)
Aram de Groot (director, camera)
Jur de Groot (edit)
Wietse van Bezooijen (grading)


There’s a border, cutting right through the Flemish-Dutch cultural field. Even though they share a language, there are many obstacles hindering cooperation between artists, theater makers, designers, architects, writers, poets, musicians and other creatives in both countries. With so much potential for cross-cultural collaboration, and huge benefits to makers expanding their audiences and markets, OverBruggen set about softening the border – finding new, creative ways to ease exchange between the two nations.

Flemish-Dutch creators might have been speaking the same words, but they weren’t always hearing the same things. And when the pandemic hit, it became even harder to bridge the divide, with in-person gatherings no longer an option.
So Studio-Strik developed a new portal that gathers the most important key tips and info, relevant organisations, insights – and Covid-19 advice – as a launch-point for creators to connect.


To get things really moving, Studio-Strik helped organise the project, reframing and and structuring the core elements creating their website and campaign – with strategy and editorial design executed from the project’s start to finish. 



Thanks to our holistic approach, OverBruggen gives creators a boost over the border fence: opening up an international perspective, even during times of global lockdown.

Go to: www.overbruggen.info