A tool for European virtual exchange

— Sharing Perspectives Foundation.


The Sharing Perspectives Foundation organises intercultural online dialogue. Studio-Strik co-developed its newest digital platform.

Year: 2017/18
Client: Saring Perspective Foundation
Field: government, culture

Together with:
Akker (code).
Multitude (design)

Studio-Strik was given an ambitious yet vague research model and turned it into a fully operational digital platform for online dialogue. We led the creative process and developed the dialogue, user flows, wireframe and prototypes. Consequently, Studio-Strik actively shaped the middle ground between design, social science, coding and didactics.

The platform enabled lively discussions. It connected 308 inhabitants from over ten European countries, and resulted in an online dialogue that consisted of 431 different videos. The European Union uses the project as a leading example for virtual exchange and funded further development of the platform.